UK Employment Law

CompactLaw covers all the major areas of UK employment law. Key areas include qualifying for unfair dismissal, making a claim for unfair dismissal and the different types and amounts of unfair dismissal compensation you may receive if your claim is successful.
We also cover other major areas of employment law, such as wrongful dismissal, which is a better option for those who earn more and can sue for a breach of their employment contract.
Redundancy is also covered, with details of employer's responsibilities when deciding upon redundancy and redundancy selection. Once an employer decides to make staff redundant, they then have to pay redundancy pay. This can be the statutory minimum amount, or it can be more according to the employee's contract. Most employers now have a written redundancy policy, (which includes an appeals process) that should be followed. If an employer does not follow the correct procedures, it will leave them open to a possible claim for either unfair or wrongful dismissal.
We also provide free legal information on discrimination; this is an important and growing area of employment law. It is important to have proper written policies in place, such as an equal opportunities policy and maternity policy.
For employers, we recommend our Employers Pack Staff Handbook product, which contains all the employment contracts and employment policies & procedures you need in one product.

Unfair Dismissal

Unfair Dismissal - Making a claim

Qualifying for Unfair Dismissal Protection

Length of Service to bring an unfair dismissal claim

Exceptions for Unfair Dismissal - Length of service not required

End of Employment - Effective Date of Termination for Unfair Dismissal

Time Limit for Unfair Dismissal claim

Retirement & Unfair Dismissal - How they relate to each other

Excluded Groups - excluded from unfair dismissal protection

Constructive Dismissal - How to claim

Unfair Dismissal Compensation

Compensation for Unfair Dismissal - Introduction

Basic Award - Unfair Dismissal

Compensatory Award - Unfair Dismissal

Additional Award - Unfair Dismissal

Wrongful Dismissal

Wrongful Dismissal - Introduction

Minimum Notice Periods for Wrongful Dismissal

Employer's Breach under Wrongful Dismissal

Resignation & Wrongful Dismissal

Unfair & Wrongful Dismissal Claims - claim for both?

Damages for Wrongful Dismissal

Deductions from a Wrongful Dismissal Claim

Grievance & Disciplinary

Grievance & Disciplinary Procedures to be followed by employers


Redundancy - What is redundancy?

Employer's Responsibility in Redundancy

Redundancy Pay - How to calculate

Appeals Against Redundancy by Employees

Redundancy Remedies - what to claim if redundancy incorrect


Discrimination Law - Introduction to discrimination laws

Direct Discrimination - what is direct discrimination?

Indirect Discrimination - what is indirect discrimination?

Victimisation of employees - discrimination

Age Discrimination - introduction to age discrimination

Employer & Employee Liability for Discrimination

Remedies & Compensation for Discrimination

Maternity Rights

Maternity Rights - introduction to maternity rights

Ante-Natal Care for employees

Time off for Dependants during maternity

Statutory Maternity Leave & Pay

Parental Leave for employees

Right to Return to Work after Maternity Leave

Compulsory Maternity Leave for employees

Suspension from Work for maternity related reason

Other Work Rights

Statutory Paternity Leave & Pay

Statutory Adoption Leave & Pay

Flexible Working

Statutory Sick Pay

Statutory Sick Pay Entitlement

Contractual Sick Pay

Statutory Sick Pay Current Rate & Calculation

Sources of Help, Advice & Funding for Employment cases

Employment Appeal Tribunal

Human Rights Act 1998 - in employment cases


Employment Tribunal Fees

Links & Addresses

Employment Law - FAQs

More - Free Legal Information