Antenatal Care for employees

The pregnant employee is entitled to paid time off work to attend antenatal classes and appointments, (includes medical examinations, relaxation classes and parent craft classes) if it is medically recommended.

The employee is entitled to their normal rate of pay while they are at the classes or appointment.

An employer cannot unreasonably refuse to let the employee go, and the employee does not have to attend these sessions outside their normal work hours.

Though if an employee only works part-time it may be reasonable for her to arrange the appointments outside work hours if possible.

After the first appointment, the employer is entitled to a medical certificate stating that the employee is pregnant and also proof of the future appointment(s), such as an appointment card.

A partner of the employee is also entitled to take unpaid leave to attend two antenatal appointments, up to a maximum of 6.5 hours for each appointment.

Partner is broadly defined as a person in a "qualifying relationship" - husband, civil partner, father of an expected child, a party living with the pregnant employee in a relationship, an applicant for a parental order as part of a surrogacy arrangement, or a same-sex partner where a child conceived by sperm donation.

The partner is not required to have worked for a qualifying period to benefit from this right.

Time off for Dependants during maternity

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