About CompactLaw

"COMPACT" – "Binding agreement or understanding, (of substance), close, dense, fine grained; as to fill little space, well-knit".


The First

CompactLaw was formed in 1996 and was the first company in the UK to provide free legal information and services via the Internet.

From the very beginning, we have provided free and detailed legal information to our customers, in fact, we are still the only website to offer such a level of service. Our free information has continued to grow over the years and will continue to do so in the future.


Our Legal Team

Our legal team of barristers and solicitors has many years of experience in the legal profession, including some high profile cases. In order to stay current with legal changes, all of our legal team spend regular periods working in law firms or teaching law students or their fellow lawyers.


Legal Documents

We were also the first site to offer a comprehensive legal document service.
No other organisation provides this level of service and all inclusive price. This comprehensive service means that our documents are still the most competitively priced available. This also means you can buy our products without the risk of hidden and expensive support costs.


The Difference

Not all legal documents are equal.
All of our legal documents are drafted and updated by our own legal team, we do not buy-in simple template agreements and resell them, we also do not sell shortened pre-printed documents. Our documents are well drafted and comprehensive. They are also drafted in plain English to make them easy to understand.


An Example

Our Grievance & Disciplinary Policy for employers runs to 9 pages, it covers the latest law and all of it. The law relating to disciplinary issues changed recently, our policy was updated ahead of the change so that customers who purchased from us in the weeks leading up to the change in the law could buy with confidence; knowing they were purchasing a comprehensive and up to date product. Even when ACAS released extra guidance shortly before the new regulations came into force our legal team updated the policy immediately.


Another Example

When our legal team drafted the Communications and Internet and Email policies available on our site they sat down with our IT team before starting the drafting process to understand the technical aspects. The result is that our customers get properly drafted and legally binding agreements that accurately reflect how employees use (or misuse) their PCs and other devices. Having a proper legal team gives us (and you) a major advantage.


A Good Sign

Some of our best customers are law firms who buy our documents to use for their own clients. These customers from inside the profession can range in size from small high street firms to large commercial firms in the City of London. We always think it is a good sign when other legal professionals are happy to pay for our products.


Independent - with great Partners

CompactLaw is a privately run, profitable and self-funding company, we are not owned by any other organisation or law firm. But we have some great partners, in fact, we have remained since 1996 the most widely distributed legal website in the UK.
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