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"For those feeling exploited and keen to swot up on their employment rights, CompactLaw has detailed information on maternity pay, leave and rules for part-timers.

Free advice and documents are also available to download. For more complicated contracts you have to pay a small fee. 

If, for example, you have a small business and want to save on extortionate agency fees, you can purchase an employment contract, which details salary, holiday entitlement, and sickness and disability provisions, from £25."

 .net Magazine 


 "Should it all go horribly wrong, or if you just want to check where you stand in the eyes of the law, CompactLaw's comprehensive list of articles on home buying and renting will help. There's also a good question and answer section that explains a lot of the legal jargon associated with the housing market."
"CompactLaw's site provides advice on every legal issue under the sun."

"CompactLaw helps you find the answer to a legal query. It offers factsheets and Q&As on anything from accident claims, Public Funding and injunctions to the small claims court. Helpfully, it also gives up-to-date figures on court fees and tips on consulting lawyers.
Overall: An excellent site for checking out your rights."
The Sunday Telegraph
Family Finance section
"If you are desperate for advice about law, the legal world can seem impenetrable and expensive - no surprise, then, that the general public can feel wary of approaching solicitors.
Now you can seek free help from CompactLaw, which provides expert information on everything from adoption to injunctions. It is a valuable first port of call for anyone with pressing legal problems.
Even if you don't find the information you need, the knowledge gained here will stand you in good stead when it comes to employing a lawyer. You can buy legal documents online and find out everything you need to know about the law but were afraid - or couldn't afford - to ask."
The Sunday Times
Culture Section

"I am impressed with CompactLaw, which provides a wealth of free legal information on anything from how to make a small claim to personal-injury compensation. Now you can buy personalised legal documents online.
For example, a confidentiality agreement costs £19. All you do is select the relevant form and buy it. You pay online with a debit or credit card across a secure connection.
CompactLaw opens up the notoriously stuffy legal world to the general public in an accessible and non-intimidating way.
We can educate and empower ourselves without having to fork out hundreds of pounds to remote, uncommunicative solicitors. And surely that has to be a good thing."
The Sunday Times
Money Section - Web Wise column



"Full marks to this excellent site which tells you everything you always wanted to know about the law but were afraid, or couldn't afford, to ask.
The small claims court, family law, public funding, employment law and consumer rights are just some of the issues that are dealt with by Q&A sessions and FactSheets, all in easy-to-understand, jargon-free English."
BBC Online
Web Guide - Legal Section



"Obtaining even the most basic legal information from a solicitor can be expensive.
Next time, before you make that call, have a look at CompactLaw.
It is quick to access and easy to navigate, and offers factsheets on legal processes, costs and issues."
The Guardian



"Tomorrow, websites such as CompactLaw will be a standard tool in the provision of legal services."
The Law Society's Gazette



"CompactLaw is a site aimed at providing free legal information about the law in England and Wales.
"Surfin' The Law" - by Angus Hamilton (solicitor)
PC PRO Magazine



"Almost everything you need to know about the legal system but could not afford to ask a lawyer is available at the new CompactLaw site.
Compiled by lawyers, it is the first port of call for those unsure of their legal rights."
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The Financial Mail on Sunday