Customer Reviews

"This is one (if not the) most useful site I have found while using the www for assistance. It gave me all the information I needed to pursue a small claims action with confidence. The information is pitched just right especially for the lay person. First class, keep up the good work."
"In all my time of searching and viewing web pages I have NEVER come across a site which can even attempt to equal yours. It contains a mass of exact and varied lawful information, is extremely interactive and user friendly, and sets information standards by which others must surely judge themselves."
"I thought it was a terrific site to use. I found it by accident when looking for information after a wrongful dismissal. My solicitor was very impressed with the knowledge that I had (via your site) at our initial consultation. We are now taking action against the company, and your site has been helpful and informative every step of the way. Well done!!!"
"Excellent site. Easy to find and use. It is quick and well laid out. More sites should use your example."
"I have visited your site many times for the valuable free information and for the useful links. It's the best single resource I have come across on the Internet."
"I am setting up my own web site, and have evaluated other web pages. Your site excels in my opinion because it is lean, with no web gimmickry, yet still bright and fresh. Thank you."
"Absolutely brilliant. I have just spent two hours trying to find out what interest is charged on postponed, Public Funding charges. Did the Public Funding site tell me? Like hell they did. I found your site just as I was getting exhausted and all the information I needed was there. Thanks a lot."
"An informative and user friendly site - At Last! Thank You."
"It is a great site and as a solicitor I shall recommend it to our clients. We think the best way to get to the point in a case is for the client to have a good grasp of what we are trying to achieve from the beginning. Then we can work as a team. If the client saves costs by having the tools to get to the point quickly it improves the working relationship.
Well done!"
"Thank you for publishing an excellent general guide, which answered my questions and gave enough information to permit an informed approach by us to the party causing the grievance. With a little luck, they will realise we are properly informed and pay the amount owing without fuss. Otherwise, we may return for professional advice! Thank you for a valuable service!"
"I am a student studying a Masters in HRM, and I am obliged to study Emploment Law as part of the course. I had to find some info on redundancy, and after an extensive search I found your site. It was the only one that was easy to use, contained relevant info and is especially useful to students who wish to find information regarding employment law. I was very impressed and will definitely be using the site again."
"The information provided on the new CPR (Woolf Reforms) was excellent."
"I am at present doing a law course and have found straightforward information that I required especially within the Small Claims Court and Public Funding. As the court structure changed early April my course text was not up to date and this has given me the most up to date information, especially with regards to the forms required within the courts and also the fees."
"The layout of information was excellent. I found exactly the information I was looking for at the first attempt." 
"With this to hand I now know how to proceed with the problem that I have. A big thank you to whoever put this site together."
"I will be telling everyone I know to drop by even if only to become more aware of their rights."
"Your excellent site, which I have seen evolve since your very early days, continues to impress. It is one of those rare " places to go" which should be a 'must' to occupy a permanent place on every adult's bookmark list. You never know when you may need to refer to the wealth of expert information."
"I was at home trying to prepare a small claim and hesitant to use a solicitor when I read a review in the Guardian New Media Dept's web picks about your site. I looked it up and it gave me everything I needed to know."
"Excellent considering I was going to have to wait until Monday to ring Citizens Advice or a solicitor. This way I can go directly to the information I want to know about and now I can prepare myself in a much more informed way. Thanks very much for sharing this with people like me".
"I have just used your website to check out the procedures for a small claim court which I may have to resort to. It is excellent and gave me more information than I could have hoped for."
"You are are bookmarked for future use !!"
"You are providing a real and valuable service and I am delighted to have come across the site."
"Just wish you were here in the USA...."
"A superb site. Well laid-out. Interesting content."
"Good simple information - just what I wanted. Especially court fees."
"Gave me vital information regarding my recent redundancy...."
"The information I sought was all here - spot on!!
"Keep up the good work and please don't go off-line - EVER!!"
"A very useful resource which has been relevant to me. Thank you !!"
"A very useful source of information, in easy to understand English, for the likes of myself who is acting in person!"
"Thanks for the help ...and long may you survive!"
"I found this site very helpful. I am writing to ask if you know of any similar sites for the United States. I haven't found any as easy to use as yours."
"Thanks for your very available facility, like myself, many must be grateful indeed."
 "I think the idea is great, I am hoping this page might help with my daughter studying law."
"First class information, much needed info regarding children and access orders and how to obtain them. Keep up the good work !"
 "Thank you for your email and contents of this site, well done. Most helpful. It helps to settle a few arguments. Thanks again."