Sources of Help, Advice & Funding for Employment cases

There are other sources of help & advice and other ways of covering the cost of bringing a case:

a) Contingency Fees
A solicitor can act for a client on the basis that if they win the case or succeed in a deal, the solicitor can take a percentage of the money that the client receives from their opponent. The percentage must be agreed in advance in writing.

b) Trade Unions
If an employee is a member of a Trade Union, they can provide legal advice from their solicitors. These can be solicitors within the union or a firm of solicitors outside the union who normally advise them.

c) Citizens Advice Bureaux
Can provide free legal advice initially or put you in contact with a local solicitor who offers a free first interview, where they can assess your chances of success.

d) Law Centres
Provide free advice and will be able to assess your case. Law Centres for your area will be listed in the phone book.

e) Insurance
One of the most important sources of help is insurance policies. Many common policies such as home and contents insurance provide legal expenses cover up to a specified amount.
This can be for legal problems unrelated to what the policy covers.

(Read the small print to find out what is covered and the restrictions. Most of these policies are for Accident Claims, though some do specifically cover Employment Tribunals as well.)

Insurance offered by credit card companies with their cards usually offer telephone legal advice only.

Motor insurance is one area which will not cover all legal matters; normally it is only connected with accident claims.

f) Specific Insurance
There are specialist insurers who can insure either party against losing the case and having to pay both their legal costs and their opponent's costs. The insurer will look at your case and assess your chances of success, the amount of your premium is then based upon your chances. The insurance only covers one specific case and is not general legal insurance.

g) Sex or Race Discrimination Cases
If a case is brought due to discrimination the party complaining can obtain advice from the Equality and Human Rights Commission. If they believe the case could be a test case, they may provide legal help. See Employment Law links and addresses.

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