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Notice Period Leave Disciplinary Termination Letter

Notice Period Leave Disciplinary Termination Letter

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This is a standard employment termination letter, where the employee is to be given paid leave during their notice period prior to their dismissal for disciplinary reasons in accordance with an established Grievance and Disciplinary policy. The letter allows for the reasons for dismissal to be stated.

The letter specifies the date of termination and that the employee is required to attend work. However, they must make themselves available to assist with answering questions or dealing with any matters which may arise regarding their workload. The letter also contains a reminder that they remain an employee during their notice period and that they may not use their notice period for any other employment.

The period of leave is designed to protect the employer from the employee entering into a competing business or using their existing contacts to lure customers away and is sometimes referred to as "gardening leave" termination. This letter is ideally suited to the termination of senior managerial employees who have access to detailed contacts and commercial information relating to the employer.

The clauses in this letter include:

  • Date when all organisation property should be returned and to whom.
  • Details of person to contact if employee has any questions.
  • Optional reminder of confidentiality clause within employment contract, (if applicable).

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