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Client Website Design Agreement

Client Website Design Agreement

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Complies with the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UKGDPR)

This Website Design Agreement is for use by a client, whether an individual or an organisation that wishes to engage a sole developer or an organisation to develop a website.

This agreement is drafted for the benefit of the client, rather than the developer. Key areas covered include, detailed project specification, timing for payment of fees, expenses, ongoing project reports, action to be taken if project slips behind schedule, delivery of project, and testing period before developer released from project.

Clauses in this agreement:

  • Interpretations
  • Outline of Agreement
  • Detailed Project Specification
  • Fees
  • Expenses
  • Delivery
  • Testing Period
  • Delivery of Content & Materials
  • Project Reporting
  • Notice
  • Confidentiality
  • Credits and Publicity
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Warranties
  • Indemnities and Limitation of Liability
  • Termination
  • Assignment
  • Force Majeure
  • Joint Venture or Partnership
  • General
  • Jurisdiction
  • Schedule One - Project Specification and Project Milestones

Reasons to buy:
It is important to have a clear and detailed website design agreement in place so that the design agency or designer knows what is expected of them. By providing clear development milestones, the client can keep the project on track and within budget.

This agreement also allows the client time to evaluate a completed project before agreeing it has been finished.

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