Other Losses - suffered due to your injury

Your claim may also include a claim for loss of earnings because you were unable to work due to your injury or you had to take a less well-paid job due to your injury.

You can also claim any travel expenses you have had to pay to go to the hospital or your doctor, because of your injury.

You can also reclaim prescription charges for any medication you have had to take. Any private medical fees can also be reclaimed as well as any special equipment you need because of your injury.

Claims can also be made for the loss of ability to take part in leisure activities such as swimming or gardening.

You can also claim if your injury caused you to lose promotion in your job.

These are just some examples of what you can claim for; these are usually referred to as "Special Damages", (damages means compensation).

Even if you were not injured, you could still claim for damaged property or anything else you have lost.

For example, if you had a car accident and you were not injured, but your car was damaged then you can ask your opponent to pay you the cost of repairing your car. This can also include any possessions in the car that were damaged or destroyed.

You can also reclaim loss of your no claims bonus or any excess you have had to pay on your insurance, any storage charges for your damaged car, or the cost of hiring a replacement vehicle.

Your solicitor will prepare a list of all your losses and expenses to send to the court and your opponent. You should, therefore, keep all your receipts and invoices wherever possible.

Medical Information required for bringing an accident claim

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