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Employment forms, policies and agreements

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Employment Contracts
    Junior and Admin Staff Employment Contract
    Senior Staff Employment Contract
    Fixed Term Employment Contract
    Part-Time & Flexible Hours Employment Contract
    Director's Service Agreement

Other Contracts
    Zero Hours Employment Contract
    Term Time Employment Contract
    Consultant Agreement
    Nanny Agreement

Contract Clause Library
    Alternative Work / Second Jobs
    Change of Personal Circumstances & Information
    Conduct and Dress - Office Environment
    Corporate Entertainment
    Gifts and Benefits
    Intellectual Property Rights
    Organisation Protective Clothing & Equipment
    Organisation Uniform
    Relationships within the Workplace
    Right to Search

    Anti-Bribery Policy

    Communications Policy
    Alternative Communications Policy
    Cyber Security Policy - New
    Remote Working Policy - New

Data Protection - Complies with UKGDPR
    Data Protection Policy
    Data Protection Release Form

Equal Opportunities
    Equal Opportunities Policy

Flexible Working
    Flexible Working Policy

Grievance & Disciplinary
    Grievance and Disciplinary Policy
    Notice Letter For Disciplinary Meeting
    First Written Warning Letter
    Final Written Warning Letter - After Further Misconduct
    Final Written Warning Letter - First Serious Misconduct
    Standard Disciplinary Termination Letter
    Immediate Disciplinary Termination Letter
    Notice Period Leave Disciplinary Termination Letter
    Payment In Lieu Disciplinary Termination Letter

Maternity & Adoption
    Maternity and Adoption Leave Policy
    Adoption Leave Notification - Statutory Adoption Pay
    Adoption Leave Notification - Contractual Adoption Pay
    Maternity Leave Notification - Statutory Maternity Pay
    Maternity Leave Notification - Contractual Maternity Pay
    Notification of Variation of Maternity Leave Commencement Date
    Notification of Variation of Maternity Leave Return Date

Parental & Paternity
    Parental and Paternity Leave Policy
    Shared Parental Leave Policy

    Redundancy Policy
    Redundancy Letter - offer of alternative employment
    Redundancy Letter - no offer of alternative employment

    Retirement Policy
    Retirement Letter 1
    Retirement Letter 2
    Retirement Letter 3
    Retirement Letter 4
    Retirement Policy with a justified retirement age
    Retirement Letter 1
    Retirement Letter 2
    Retirement Letter 3
    Retirement Letter 4
    Retirement Letter 5

Sickness & Absence
    Coronavirus Policy
    Sickness and Absence Policy
    Sickness Self-Certification Form
    Training Request Form
    Training Approval Form
    Training Partial Approval Form
    Training Refusal Form

Termination Agreements
    Compromise Agreement

Whistle-blowing - Public Interest Disclosure
    Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblowing) Policy

Working Time Regulations
    Working Time Regulations 48-Hour Rule Opt-Out

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