The CompactLaw Difference

No Subscriptions
No monthly or annual subscription fees - which you must attempt to cancel in time to avoid ongoing charges.


Clear Pricing
The prices displayed are what you pay, including VAT.


No Hidden Fees
No "free offers" or "free trials" - that are not actually free. We do not ask you to complete long online forms - only to find the document at the end is not actually free. We have completely free legal documents, just download - no forms to complete.


Your Data, Your Privacy
We do not make you enter all your data online and then sell your details to "selected partners" - basically any third party that will pay for your data. We assume if you are buying legal agreements you wish your details to remain confidential - and not be sold on.


Corporation Tax
Yes, we actually pay full UK corporation tax - unlike many tech companies. We do not have an artificial company structure to avoid tax or pay less than we should.