Statements made in an accident claim

You may have to tell the judge about the accident. You will tell your solicitor first and they will prepare a statement for you. You should read this statement before you go to court. Your witnesses may also have to go to court and your solicitor will prepare statements for them as well.

Your opponent will see your statement and your witnesses statements before the case goes to court. You will also get the chance to see your opponent's statement and their witness statements.

The court will give your solicitor a timetable and they will be expected to do certain things within a certain time to get your case ready for trial. If your solicitor needs more time then he or she can apply to the court.

You should give your solicitor all documents you have which might help your case, your solicitor will need to see these documents as they may have to show them to your opponent but you will get a chance to see your opponent's documents.

Accident cases often take a long time so be patient with your solicitor.

Contributory Negligence in an accident

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