Notification to Local Authority of adoption

This is necessary where adoption is not by an adoption agency.
An applicant must give at least 3 months prior written notice to the social services in their area of their intention to adopt.

The maximum period for giving notice is 2 years before the making of an application.

On giving notice the child becomes a protected child until the adoption order is made, refused or withdrawn or;

2 years after giving notice has passed or;

Residence, care or supervision orders are made or;

A guardian is appointed or;

The child reaches 18 or marries.

The Local Authority must investigate and submit a report to the court making an adoption order, (a protected child does not include children in a children's home or in the care of a school where they receive full-time education, or a child in the care of a health service hospital, or a child suffering from a mental disorder, or in a residential care home, although it is still necessary to give notice in respect of such children.)

Applying for Adoption Orders

Adoption Law