Limited Legal Representation Certificates - to limit legal costs

Sometimes Legal Representation Certificates are granted, but limited in the type of work that your solicitor will be authorised to deal with.

For example, a certificate may be limited to obtaining a barrister's opinion on your case before it can go any further.

Sometimes certificates may say that you can only bring a claim in a particular court, for example in a Magistrates Court instead of a County Court. This is because some cases are cheaper if they are brought in a Magistrates Court.

A certificate may be limited to all steps up to but excluding trial. Your solicitor or barrister will have to send a progress report to the Legal Aid Agency before the trial giving reasons why a trial is necessary.

A certificate may also limit the value of work a solicitor can do on your case and your solicitor will need to apply at each stage to increase the amount.

Discharged and Revoked Certificates - when legal aid ends

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