Housing Injunctions - to stop nuisance tenants or neighbours

Under the Housing Act 1996 your local council or housing association has the power to apply for an injunction against any council tenants who are causing a nuisance or harassing you.

This means if that person breaks the injunction they could be sent to prison. These types of injunction can have a power of arrest attached.

If you are a tenant and your landlord is harassing you by, for example, coming to the property when he or she should not or deliberately turning off the gas, electricity, water etc, you can apply for an injunction.

The injunction will tell your landlord that he or she cannot interfere with your right to live at the property.

If you have been paying rent you are entitled to live in the property without being disturbed.

These injunctions do not come with a power of arrest, but you can still apply for Committal Proceedings

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