Housing Injunctions - to stop anti-social behaviour

Local Authorities, housing trusts or other housing organisations or companies who are landlords can apply for an injunction against the tenant or anyone else living in the area to stop them behaving in a way which causes nuisance or annoyance to other people living in or visiting the rented property or the area itself. These are known as "injunctions against anti-social behaviour".

Anti-social behaviour can include noise, harassment, drug dealing, racial threats, violence or using property for immoral or illegal purposes. The injunction can stop a person coming to a property or into the area.

It is possible for a power of arrest to be attached to the injunction, which means if the injunction is ignored the police have the power to arrest the person ignoring the injunction and bring them back to court. Also if a person breaks an injunction they can be committed to prison.

If it is thought the person causing the nuisance is mentally ill they can be kept in prison for up to 4 weeks while the court considers whether medical examination or medical reports are needed. However, this part of the Housing Act has not come into force yet. See Injunctions

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