Contact Centres - where parental contact with a child is supervised

You might agree that your partner should see the children or the court might make an Order that you have to allow your partner to see the children.

You might however want your partner to be supervised when he or she sees the children, but you do not want to supervise your partner and you do not know any friends or relatives who could help.

There are special Contact Centres set up around England & Wales which have trained staff and volunteers and offer facilities for parents to see their children at the centre.

You can take the children to the centre and leave them there with the staff. Some centres have a separate room where you can wait. Your partner arrives and has contact with the children at the centre. He or she will not usually be able to take the children out of the centre, unless you agree otherwise. When the contact visit is over you then leave with the children.

Your solicitor will be able to give you a list of contact centres in your area and help you book a place at the centre.

Wardship - a child is protected and made a ward of court