Assured Shorthold - what is an assured shorthold tenancy?

Assured Shorthold Tenancies (unlike assured tenancies) do not give long-term security. They are not regulated by usual rent controls.

Since 28th February 1997 a landlord must serve a notice which states that the tenancy will be an assured shorthold tenancy.

Any new tenancy since 28th February 1997 is automatically an assured shorthold tenancy, unless the landlord serves a notice to say it is NOT to be an assured shorthold tenancy. Or it is written into the agreement that it is not an assured shorthold tenancy.

There are some types of tenancies, which cannot automatically become assured shortholds.

Examples are:

a) Assured tenancies taken over by a partner or family member of the original tenant after that tenant's death.

b) Tenancies that were previously secure tenancies and become assured tenancies.

c) Long residential tenancies, which ended and became assured shortholds.

d) Landlord of a tenant, who has an assured tenancy, grants a new one.

e) The tenancy is already an assured agricultural tenancy.

Student lets will usually be assured shorthold tenancies and will not give any long-term security.

Assured Shorthold Tenancies - Repossession by Landlord

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