Additional Orders - made by a court for a child

1. Child Assessment Orders
The court can order that a child undergo an assessment (e.g. psychological or educational) to decide if a child is suffering "significant harm" and therefore whether the court should make a care order. An assessment must not be for more than 7 days.

2. Contribution Orders
Where a local authority is looking after a child it can apply to the court for an order that the child's parents must contribute to the child's upkeep. A local authority must first serve a contribution notice on the parents stating how much they should pay. If the parents do not pay or start to pay and then stop, the local authority can then apply to the court for a contribution order. However, the local authority cannot apply until one month after the date of their contribution notice.

3. Secure Accommodation Orders
If a child has a history of running away or is likely to run away from where they are living then a body such as a local authority, education authority, health authority or children's home can apply for an order that the child be kept in secure accommodation, (Their movements will be monitored). Also, if a child is likely to suffer significant harm or is likely to injure themselves an order can be made.

4. Education Supervision Orders
If a court considers a child is not being properly educated it can make an order putting the child under the supervision of a particular education authority, (as long as the child is not in local authority care). These orders are usually made for up to 1 year, but can be extended.

Surrogacy Parental Orders