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Mutual Confidentiality Agreement

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Mutual Confidentiality Agreement Free Samples PDF | Word

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This Mutual Confidentiality Agreement, (also known as a mutual non-disclosure agreement / NDA) is for use where both parties intend to disclose confidential information during negotiations.

Frequently both parties will need to disclose confidential information before reaching any commercial agreement. Also, the parties may well continue to disclose such information on an ongoing basis, as part of any commercial deal reached.

This legal template will protect that information and ensure the handling of such commercial information is dealt with in a professional manner.

This mutual confidentiality agreement template allows for the situation where either or both parties are individuals or an organisation.

Clauses in this agreement:

  • Very broad definition of confidential information
  • Protection against the copying or retention of confidential information
  • Protection against disclosure of information not already in the public domain
  • Written permission required to disclose information to a third party
  • Remedy for any breach of the agreement
  • Return of confidential information

It is important during any negotiations that an element of trust exists so that both parties can discuss commercial terms openly and reach an agreement. However, both parties need to protect their commercial interests during such negotiations, whether an agreement is reached or not.

We would recommend it is used in all negotiations where both parties intend to disclose information, and that no confidential information is disclosed prior to signing.

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