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Joint Venture Agreement

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Joint Venture Agreement Free Samples PDF | Word

This Joint Venture Agreement is suitable for use by two companies wishing to merge their operations in a particular territory, where one of the companies acquires the other company and that company is given shares in the acquiring company.

The agreement covers the broad issues surrounding joint ventures, but further documents such as share acquisition agreements, shareholder agreements and memorandum and articles of association will be needed to provide the technical detail for running the joint venture.

Clauses in this agreement include:

  • Establishment of Joint Venture
  • Operation of Joint Venture
  • Competition
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Notices
  • General
  • Jurisdiction

Merging two companies can pose significant problems. This agreement provides a clear legal foundation for any proposed merger and addresses the legal issues of such a merger. This agreement template will help to smooth out any potential problems and allow both parties to move onto the physical process of merging.

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