Other Ways to Resolve Vehicle Disputes

Leaving disputes to be resolved by conciliation through trade association may not be the best method either because the consumer considers the relevant trade association is not impartial and may be biased in favour of its members or they consider the trade association to be ineffective.
Although the Office of Fair Trading monitors the various Codes of Practice they have found that not every member of a trade association follows the Code and not all the trade associations carry out checks of their members to make sure they are following the code. In those circumstances consumers may wish to pursue other avenues such as,
1. Referring the matter to Local Trading Standards Officer to consider whether prosecution is suitable under the Fair Trading Act 1973. There has been a previous criminal conviction of a motor dealer under Section 14 of the Trades Descriptions Act 1968 for failing to comply with the motor industry Code of Practice when they stated in their literature that they subscribed to the Code.
2. Start an action in the Small Claims Court (see Small Claims Section) where an action can be brought for breach of contract.
3. Contact Press, radio or television which has articles or programmes dealing with consumer matters as they may be interested in pursuing matters on the consumers behalf if they believe the consumer has received a raw deal.