What should be included in a Staff Handbook?

The Employers Pack contains a large number of documents - most of which you will use over time. However, we are frequently asked by start-ups, (or established organisations with no previous legal documents) what they should start off with as a minimum.
Please see our recommended list below:

1. Employment Contracts
Every employee should have an employment contract; we recommend the following:

Manual workers
The Short Form Employment Contract - should be used for manual workers or administrative staff.

The Long Form Employment Contract - should be used for managers and more senior staff, this is because this contract contains restrictive covenants. Restrictive covenants are used to protect an employer, where the employee has client contact and access to client details and sales. The covenants prevent an employee from using this information, should they leave the business.

Each director should have a Director’s Service Agreement. We would recommend these even for the smallest companies. Banks or outside investors looking to lend or invest will usually want to see that each director has a service agreement.


2. Policy Documents

  • Data Protection Policy
  • Equal Opportunities and Anti-Harassment & Bullying Policy
  • Flexible Working Policy
  • Grievance and Disciplinary Policy
  • Maternity & Adoption Policy
  • Parental and Paternity Leave Policy
  • Shared Parental Leave Policy
  • Sickness and Absence Policy


3. Additional & Optional Policy Documents
The following are optional policy documents that you can use as and when required.

  • Communications Policy
  • Redundancy Policy
  • Retirement Policies
  • Vehicle Policy, (this covers company cars and commercial vehicles).
  • Working Time Regulations 48-Hour Rule Opt-Out


4. The Minimum
It is important to remember this is the recommended bare minimum for any business. However, as the Employers Pack contains everything you need you can easily use the other documents and policies as and when you need them.