Sickness and Absence Policy

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This policy has been updated to comply with emergency legislation relating to the Coronavirus, including the Statutory Sick Pay (Medical Evidence) Regulations 2021. Now employees need only provide a doctor's fit note if sick for 28 days, previously it was 7 days. These are temporary measures to deal with the Omicron variant.

Employees can now claim statutory sick pay from day one if they are ill with the Coronavirus or self-isolating if there is a risk that they could be infected.

This Sickness and Absence Policy provides employers with detailed guidance regarding statutory sick pay, contractual issues, and procedures relating to sickness, absence and parental leave in the workplace.

Clauses in this sickness policy include:

  • Policy Statement
  • Qualifying for Statutory Sick Pay
  • Statutory Sick Pay and Contractual Sick Pay
  • Qualifying Days
  • Notification Procedure
  • Self-Certification
  • Medical Certificate
  • Disputes as to Entitlement to Statutory Sick Pay
  • "Back to Work" Interview
  • Review Procedure
  • Long Term Sickness Absence
  • Jury Service
  • Emergency Leave
  • Parental Leave
  • Date of Implementation
  • Questions
  • Alteration of this Policy

Sickness and absence is a major cost burden for all employers, regardless of organisation size.

This policy puts employees on notice of their obligations to their employer. It also gives employers a detailed reference point for the procedures that should be followed.

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