Section 21 Possession Notice

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Section 21 Possession Notice Free Samples PDF | Word

A Section 21 Housing Notice / Possession Notice should be used by a landlord who wishes to obtain possession of the property under an assured shorthold tenancy because the period of the tenancy:

has expired - section 21(4)A
due to expire - section 21(1)B

This download contains both versions.

Under the Coronavirus Act 2020 (Residential Tenancies: Protection from Eviction) (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2020 the landlord must give the tenant six months’ notice of their intention to seek possession, except in the most serious cases. These regulations will only apply in England. These measures will apply until 31st March 2021 and may be further reviewed by the Government before the end of the period. Previously, the notice period was two months.

You will have to use this Section 21 housing notice containing the correct details to get possession of your property whenever a tenancy term is due to expire or has expired and has become a periodic tenancy.

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