Parental and Paternity Leave Policy

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Parental and Paternity Leave Policy Free Samples PDF | Word

This Parental and Paternity Leave Policy details employees' statutory rights to parental and paternity leave, including the latest provisions for additional paternity leave and additional paternity pay.

This document provides employers with an up to date and effective policy, which can be quickly and easily implemented within the workplace.

The clauses in this policy include:

  • Policy Statement
  • Definitions
  • Parental Rights - Entitlement to Parental Leave
  • Paternity Leave - Entitlement to Paternity Leave in the case of childbirth
  • Notification Requirements for Births
  • Entitlement to Paternity Leave in the case of Adoption
  • Notification Requirements for UK Adoptions
  • Notification Requirements for Overseas Adoptions
  • Entitlement to Statutory Paternity Pay
  • Contractual Rights during Paternity Leave
  • Right to return to work following Paternity Leave
  • Flexible Working
  • Contractual Rights to Paternity and Adoption Leave
  • Date of Implementation
  • Questions regarding Policy
  • Alteration of Policy

It is important that employers understand these statutory employment rights and ensure they are implemented within their organisations.

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