Additional Clauses

All CompactLaw employment contracts also come with a range of additional clauses that the employer can choose to include or exclude; these are as follows:
Accepting gifts & benefits
Prevents employees from giving or receiving gifts if the gift has significant value or where small gifts are regularly given or received.
Corporate entertainment
Restriction on the type of entertainment allowed. Also, employees must inform the organisation of all offers of entertainment from third parties, for example, suppliers or customers.
Dress code if uniforms are worn
Where employees wear a uniform, this clause ensures that the uniform is kept clean and worn correctly, subject to religious or personal circumstances, which may prevent employees complying.
Intellectual property rights
This clause requires any employee who creates or produces any intellectual property through their employment to assign all such rights to the employer and waive all such rights. This clause also includes a comprehensive list of what constitutes intellectual property.
Office conduct & dress code
Covers conduct and dress codes within an office.
Relationships within the workplace
Discourages romantic/sexual relationships particularly where the parties have different seniority within the organisation. This clause provides details of how such a matter will be dealt with; this includes re-deployment and where the matter cannot be resolved, the termination of one party's employment contract.
Requirement to notify employer of change of circumstances & personal information
Requires all employees to notify the employer where their personal circumstances have changed. This clause provides a definitive list of circumstances where the employer must be informed.
Restrictions on employees taking second jobs
An outright ban on a second job during the hours that an employee should be available for the employer. For any other job undertaken outside work hours the prior written permission of the employer is required. Permission will be refused if the second job competes with the employee's first job or would be detrimental to their first job.
Right to search
Gives the employer the right to search employees and their possessions also include vehicles and lockers. Detailed guidance on the procedure if an employee is found to possess the employer's property or the property of a third party without a reasonable explanation.
Use of protective clothing & equipment
Clothing and equipment required to comply with health & safety regulations. This clause also states that failure to wear such equipment as directed will lead to disciplinary action or summary dismissal (if a serious breach).
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