Maternity & Adoption Policy

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Maternity and Adoption Policy Free Samples PDF | Word

This Maternity and Adoption Policy clearly details the law and process for maternity and adoption leave. This policy makes it simple for the employer to comply with the law - and avoid any possible employment tribunal claim.

This policy document also details the rights and obligations regarding adoption leave for both male and female employees. Use of this policy by an employer will help to protect against claims, including claims for sex discrimination.

The clauses in this policy include:

  • Policy Statement
  • Definitions
  • Maternity Rights
  • Time off for Antenatal Care
  • Entitlement to Maternity Leave and Maternity Pay
  • Commencement and Period of Ordinary Maternity Leave/Additional Maternity Leave
  • Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP)
  • Maternity Allowance (MA)
  • Notification Requirements Prior to Return from Ordinary Maternity Leave
  • Notification Requirements Prior to Returning to Work from Additional Maternity Leave
  • Non-Maternity Related Illness
  • Maternity Suspension
  • Changes to Employment During & After Maternity Leave
  • Adoption Rights
  • Entitlement to Adoption Leave
  • Notification Requirements For Adoptions In The UK
  • Notification Requirements For Overseas Adoptions
  • Commencement and Period of Ordinary Adoption Leave/Additional Leave
  • Disrupted Placements
  • Statutory Adoption Pay
  • Notification requirements prior to returning to work from Additional Adoption Leave
  • Contractual rights during Adoption Leave
  • Changes to Employment upon return from Adoption Leave
  • Contractual Rights to Adoption Leave and Paternity Leave
  • Date of Implementation
  • Questions
  • Alteration of this Policy

There have been major changes to maternity rights and rights for those adopting children. Regulations have become more complex - all employers should have a clear written policy to follow.

This policy will help to avoid any possible discrimination claims. Please note that discrimination claims do not have a maximum compensation limit stated by law and so have the potential to be quite large.


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