Grievance and Disciplinary Policy

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This Grievance and Disciplinary Policy details the procedures that should be followed by an employer.

Following these procedures will minimise the threat of a possible unfair dismissal claim being made against the employer.

The policy stresses the importance of an "open door" policy so that the employer and employees can approach matters informally at first in order to resolve them quickly. If this cannot be done the policy specifies detailed provisions for dealing with grievance and disciplinary matters.

Please Note: This policy is included free in our individual employment contracts.

Clauses in this policy include:


  • Purpose and Scope
  • Informal Procedure
  • Formal Procedure
  • Appeals Procedure


  • Purpose and Scope
  • Investigation
  • Hearing
  • Oral Warning
  • Written Warning
  • Final Written Warning
  • Dismissal
  • Gross Misconduct
  • Suspension
  • Overlapping Grievance & Disciplinary Cases
  • Appeals
  • Date of Implementation
  • Questions
  • Alteration of Policy

All employers should have a written grievance and disciplinary policy to avoid possible claims for unfair dismissal.

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