Employers Pack Plus - Legal Support

Legal Support covers you for the following:

  • Questions relating to applying and using your documents
  • Explanation of individual clauses
  • Explanation of a document as a whole and its suitability for your needs
  • Advice on altering existing clauses in a document
  • Advice on adding or removing clauses in a document (excluding redrafting)
  • Advice is provided via email direct from our legal team
  • Legal Support lasts for 12 months after initial purchase

What is not covered:

  • Bespoke redrafting of documents
  • Production of new documents
  • Legal advice not directly related to documents
  • Representation of client in a legal matter


If you require (or think you may require) legal support for your Pack you should select this option at the time of purchase. Customers are not able to subsequently upgrade to the Legal Support version at a later date.