Contract of Employment Templates

The following is a list of our current employment contract templates available to purchase:
Junior and Admin Staff Employment Contract
This contract is recommended for full-time, but more junior staff, including clerical, manual and admin staff.
Senior Staff Employment Contract
Recommended for more senior staff, particularly managers, directors and sales staff. This contract should be used for anyone who has direct access to customers or clients and their data.
Fixed-Term Employment Contract
For employing a person for a stated fixed contract period, rather than giving that person a permanent position.
Part-Time & Flexible Hours Employment Contract
For employers who wish to specify the exact working times of the employee.
Director's Service Agreement
Comprehensive Director's Service Agreement. All directors within a company should have a service agreement.
Consultant's Agreement
Ideal if you are an outside consultant or if you are an organisation that is about to hire an outside consultant, you will need a clear set of terms before you do so. This is also to avoid the consultant acquiring employment rights.
Nanny Agreement
Straightforward agreement for hiring a nanny.
We also recommend the following products:
Workplace Pack
This pack includes all the above contracts and also a comprehensive set of employment policies.
Employers Pack
This is a complete staff handbook product; it contains employment, HR and health & safety documents. Everything an employer needs to manage employees.