Laws, Who Needs Them?

So, yesterday was an interesting day.

A minister from HM Government stood in Parliament to tell MPs that the UK government intended to break an international treaty that it signed a few months ago.

We need for a moment to forget what that treaty was for (the EU Withdrawal Agreement) and ponder that the government is prepared to ignore the treaties that it is signed up to. This is Trump-level stupidity.

Brando Lewis, the Northern Ireland Secretary, should be applauded for telling the truth on this. However, regardless of what he said, this is not some tidying-up exercise or minor issue. The terms of the Withdrawal Agreement were clear and remain the law.

More importantly, it makes the UK look like an untrustworthy partner, prepared to go back on negotiated agreements. This is not a good look for a government – but not surprising for one led by an unelected adviser, rather than a Prime Minister and Cabinet.

It is also important to remember that ignoring these treaty obligations will not be popular with any incoming Democrat administration in the US. This could risk delaying any much-wanted trade deal with the US. 

While the UK government plays at being Trumpian, in the US people appear to be fed up with their current President and appear to be about to vote him out in what could be a historic loss for the Republican party – despite their best efforts to subvert their country's democratic rights.

So, if Biden wins in November, by January, there will be an adult in the White House again. That means playing government as a B-movie Trump looks tired and desperate.

We have a reputation to keep.