Business Documents

CompactLaw business documents are divided into the following areas, business agreements, business terms & conditions, consumer terms & conditions, financial agreements, limited liability agreements and partnership agreements.

The Business Agreements section includes all the most frequently required documents, such as our Confidentiality Agreement, also known as a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Every business should have a standard and reliable NDA to give to another party, before disclosing any commercial details to them.

Other popular documents include our Agency Agreement, Distribution Agreement and Franchise Agreement.

An agency agreement differs to a distribution agreement in the following key way. An agent represents another organisation (the principal), but the principal handles the sales. A distributor buys from a principal and sells direct to end customers.

Franchises are becoming more popular as they can give much-needed support to new business owners, as well as a recognised brand.

Under Financial Agreements you will find various types of loan agreements, standard loan agreement, loan agreement with a guarantee and a loan with security. These agreements are ideal for loans between family members and between friends and/or colleagues.

Our Limited Liability Agreements (LLPs) come in two different versions, the standard llp agreement and llp conversion agreement - for use when an ordinary partnership converts into a limited liability partnership.

Finally, we include a partnership agreement, however, our agreement comes into two different versions (for the price of one). The first version allows for a partnership to continue if a partner leaves, (this is the more usual type). The second version states that a partnership will end if a partner leaves.

Each business document purchase includes the following at no extra cost:

  • 12 months online access to your document via your account
  • 12 months of document updates