The DUP and their fair weather friends

So, it did not take long for the government to abandon the Democratic Unionist Party. All it took was the government running for the Brexit line, dumping the DUP baby to shed some weight.

The DUP backed Brexit from the beginning – no one knows why. They seemed to want to be more hard-line and so British than any other party. What the DUP did not realise is that Brexit is (and always was) a right-wing, white, English nationalist movement – a movement that only cares about England and not the Union. In hindsight, they should have opposed Brexit from the beginning.

Now that they have been spectacularly betrayed they find themselves almost friendless. The only friend is in the unlikely shape of the Labour Party. This is the same Labour Party whose leader is a long-term friend of Gerry Adams.

The DUP now have to rescue their pride and position by talking to whoever will save them directly or indirectly from being cast aside, and the inevitable economic shotgun wedding with the Republic.

The stakes are high – quite literally, the DUP could be the political party in Northern Ireland to usher in a united Ireland – when most people expected that to be Sinn Fein.

Stop and mull that one over for a minute.

The DUP will not countenance talking directly to Jeremy Corbyn, but they will (and should) talk to Keir Starmer – who has already extended an invitation.

The UK remaining in the EU Customs Union (the softest Brexit) would deliver the DUP from political oblivion and secure Northern Ireland’s place within the Union – they must now push for this.

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