Stockpiling Food – More Project Wake-Up

Mondelez International, owners of Cadbury’s (and many other food companies), have announced they are stockpiling ingredients and finished products in case of a Hard Brexit.

This will probably be dismissed as more “Project Fear” – when it is really Project Wake-Up.

Hubert Weber, the president of Modelez Europe, has calmly stated – “We have a contingency plan in place to manage [a hard Brexit], as the UK is not self-sufficient in terms of food ingredients, so that could be a challenge.”

Basically, the UK can’t feed itself – whether it is chocolate or salad.

Those that advocate, a Hard Brexit, appear to be deploying a WWII crisis management approach – a sort of, “We’ll show em”. It plays well to the papers with a reading age of twelve.

So, we have to ask at what point do the public start of taking note of the warnings and take them seriously? The sorry answer seems to be when it’s too late.

The whole Brexit campaign has been brilliantly run by appealing to stupidity, meaningless soundbites and disparaging experts. Never mind that these “so-called” experts happen to be experts in boring stuff like trade, logistics, business investment etc.

We appear to be entering a new golden age of the stupid.

This can be backed up by Nigel Farage’s mock outrage that Mark Carney has been asked to stay on to steady the ship through Brexit. Nigel Farage’s only response was that Carney is a Remainer. This Homer Simpson style response sums up Brexit. It also ignores (conveniently) two important facts:

1. The Bank of England is independent.

2. The Bank of England will seek to minimise any damage caused by Brexit.

Basically, it is easy to come up with the Brexit idea in the pub, it is slightly harder to deliver it and deliver it in a way that does not damage the economy and take away jobs.

But, there was never a plan for the complicated stuff – the complete lack of progress in two years shows that.

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