Vehicle Policy

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This Vehicle Policy provides clear rules for the allocation and use of any vehicles owned by the employer, including company cars, light commercial vans and larger vehicles.

This policy will help an employer manage their vehicles and ensure that they are not used incorrectly or for private use, unless specified. This policy is essential for keeping transport costs down.

Key clauses in this agreement include:

  • Employer can specify vehicle make & model used by an employee.
  • Employer can select when to replace any vehicle.
  • Duty to notify organisation if driving status changes.
  • Ability to nominate a third party to use a company car.
  • Comprehensive coverage of tax and insurance issues.
  • Coverage of road toll charges and congestion charges.
  • Vehicle maintenance.
  • Fuel costs and payment.
  • Detailed driving policy.
  • Action to be taken in the event of an accident, breakdown or injury.
  • Fitment of mobile phone hands-free kits and their use whilst driving.
  • Fines and criminal proceedings.
  • Return of vehicle and keys on termination of employment contract.

Vehicles are a major cost to employers, both in terms of running costs and potential liability. This policy helps to reduce both costs and risk.

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