SEO Terms & Conditions

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SEO Terms & Conditions Free Samples PDF | Word

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Terms and Conditions for an SEO agency or contractor.

This agreement includes a comprehensive Schedule of the important SEO tasks that you will perform - website report, competitor research & analysis, keyword research & analysis, website structure, external link analysis and issues with the client's own website. We have incorporated these into the actual terms because clients prefer to have one document - and to know what they will be getting.

These terms are drafted to cover all the legal issues, but also to help you secure more clients, and better paying clients.

Clauses in this agreement:

  • Interpretations
  • Outline of Agreement
  • Detailed Project Specification
  • Fees
  • Expenses
  • Project Release
  • Website Access, Data & Third-Party Data
  • Notice
  • Confidentiality
  • Credits and Publicity
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Warranties
  • Indemnities and Limitation of Liability
  • Termination
  • Assignment
  • Force Majeure
  • Joint Venture or Partnership
  • Non-Solicitation
  • General
  • Jurisdiction
  • Schedule One - Project Specification
  • - Website report
    - Competitor research and analysis
    - Keyword research and analysis
    - Website structure, linking & content
    - External link analysis
    - Website issues
  • Schedule Two - Payments

Having proper detailed terms & conditions is vital, whether you are an agency or a freelance contractor. Over the years we have used many SEO agencies and contractors, unfortunately the majority of them have had quite poor terms & conditions. If you wish to secure well paid projects and long-term clients confidence inspiring terms and conditions are a must.

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