Section 21 Possession Notice

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A Section 21 Housing Notice / Possession Notice should be used by a landlord who wishes to obtain possession of the property under an assured shorthold tenancy because the period of the tenancy:
has expired (section 21(4)A
Or is
due to expire (section 21(1)B
The document contains both versions.
As a landlord you must give the proper period of notice and give notice using an appropriate form. Under Section 21 of the Housing Act 1988 a landlord must give at least 2 months' notice of their intention to take possession of their property. Therefore as a landlord you can serve a Section 21 notice on the tenant(s) 2 months before the tenancy is due to end, so that the expiry of the tenancy and the end of the notice period coincide.
Reasons to buy:
You will have to use this Section 21 Housing Notice containing the correct details to get possession of your property whenever a tenancy term is due to expire or has expired and has become a periodic tenancy.
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